Milano’s Facility is in the municipality of Milano, in Via San Dionigi 103.

The production site of Milano is made up of one manual sorting line. Inbound waste, mostly coming from municipal differentiated collection (mono – and multi-material mixed with other waste packaging such as cans, aluminium, and polylaminate), comes to Masotina to be sorted by material, to maximize reuse value. The process separates plastics from other materials, such as paper, cardboard, polylaminate, metals and inert.

Production activities at the Milano Facility:

  • Manual sorting of plastic waste from other recyclables such as paper, cardboard, aluminium, tinfoil and polylaminate
  • Recovery of the separated fractions


  • One manual sorting and selection line (plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, cans and polylaminate)
  • One baling line
  • One weigh station


  • Waste storage Bay: 6.140 m2
  • Warehouse: 2.760 m2
  • Authorized  Capacity: 23.700 ton/year
  • Production Capacity: 80 ton/day
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