The main production site and Headquarter of the company is located in Corsico in Via Privata Archimede 4/6.

In the Corsico Plant, 4 sorting lines divide waste combining a mix of Optical, Mechanical and Manual selection.

Waste, mostly coming from Municipal collection of plastic packaging (single- and multi-material mixed with other waste packaging as tinplate, aluminum, and polylaminate), comes to Masotina to be selected by polymer and color, to maximize their recycle-reuse value. This Process involves several steps to separate valuable plastic components from other materials like paper, cardboard, polylaminates, metal and and inert matter.

The Corsico Facility also receives waste streams pre-processed by Masotina’s other facilities

Production activities at the Corsico Facility:

  • Sorting of plastic waste from other valuable recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, aluminum, tinfoil, polylaminates and inert
  • Pre-cleaning of plastic waste to make it suitable for further sorting steps
  • Separating the plastic waste stream by polymer and color
  • Channeling the selected waste plastic fractions to recycling
  • Channeling residual non-reusable waste fractions into recovery


  • One semi-automated sorting line sorting valuable fractions (plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium, tinfoil and polylaminates)
  • Two automated polymer-colour selection lines through high resolution optical readers
  • One automated separation and shredding line for the residual non-reusable waste fractions
  • Four baling lines
  • Two weigh stations


  • Waste storage Bay: 14.726 m2
  • Warehouse: 23.286 m2
  • Authorized Capacity: 466.000 ton/year
  • Production Capacity: 1.060 ton/day

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